At Floating Doctors, we realize that the concept of ‘Health’ goes far beyond having good blood pressure, and helping protect and improve people’s health means a lot more than handing out medications.

Everything from environment, community infrastructure, economic status, communications, education opportunities, and health technology can drastically affect health at every level – from the individual to the worldwide.

Making real changes in health needs a holistic approach, undertaking interventions that synergistically support improving health. In addition to the regular Floating Doctors clinical activities and community development projects, we facilitiate ‘Partner Projects’ that address factors that can help support health in the regions we serve.

Floating Doctors provides an online platform, fiscal and administrative oversight, and logistical support so our dedicated Partner Project directors can focus on their missions.

Please enjoy the content on these pages, and thank you for supporting these projects. If you have an idea for a project that you think can help tackle the challenge of health, please contact us to discuss.