Get Involved


As we explore different avenues for responsible land use and conservation, we facilitate biological research to better inform our management decisions. In addition to hosting professional scientists and conservation enthusiasts who would like to help, we welcome students that are interested in learning about environmental conservation and how to conduct field research.

Students who join us through our research internship program learn to conduct field research from start to finish. By following the initial scientific question through to a finished product- a research paper complete with informed, thought-out recommendations for conservation- interns leave Dolphin Bay as true scientists.

Effective conservation balances environmental health with societal needs, and an important component of this program is garnering an understanding of the cultural context in which we work. For this reason, we encourage researchers to combine fieldwork with other activities that afford an appreciation of the Bocas del Toro region from both biological and cultural perspectives.

By joining our team as research interns, students gain valuable research experience while making a lasting contribution to our conservation strategies.


Education and community involvement are essential components of conservation. Through collaboration with community elders and partnerships with local schools and research institutions, we are designing programs to involve local youths in conservation, science and sustainable land use.

We encourage Spanish-speakers with an interest in environmental education to get involved. Our educators work closely with local students, schoolteachers and community members, as well as visiting researchers to coordinate a variety of learning opportunities for youth and adults. From leading weekend camping trips in the jungle, designing curriculums for afterschool programs, helping out with our medicinal plant nursery, to helping students start their very own gardens, this experience is guaranteed to be a learning experience for volunteers and students alike.