The Preserve

IMG_7672The Dolphin Bay Preserve is a peninsula located on the mainland of Bocas del Toro, Panama. The property is situated at the edge of Dolphin Bay, a locally famous breeding ground for bottlenose dolphins. The 100-acre preserve spans six habitat zones: primary lowland rainforest, secondary forest, freshwater ponds, mangroves, coral reefs and seagrass beds.

IMG_6637With such a variety of habitats, this property contains enormous biodiversity. Among the many organisms, the forest contains a variety of culturally significant plants that play important roles in local medicinal practices. Soon, we hope to build a new nursery to begin cultivating a few of these medicinal plants.

Dolphin Bay hosts one of the densest known populations of Pumillo dart frogs in the world, and hosts ongoing research into their evolution and behavior. Some of Panama’s 1400 species of orchids can be found on tree branches in the old-growth jungle, and a variety of crustaceans, oysters, anemones and other invertebrates thrive in the mangrove roots along the shoreline. The mantled-howler monkeys are hard to miss alongside the toucans, parrots, woodpeckers and many other birds that make their homes in the jungle canopy.